Friday, August 22, 2008

Pre-Order The Deep Water Leaf Society Today!

We are rolling right along with the final steps to getting The Deep Water Leaf Society in print. The cover design is complete, the back cover text is finalized and Paul is just finishing up some final tweaks to the inside artwork and layout. Not even some significant health challenges could prevent him from seeing this through. I want to publically thank him for going above and beyond to make this happen. I finally received the last of my lyric reprint licenses, so no outside forces are holding us back. We are on target for our September 15 release date. This baby is ready to be born!!

Check out the “Buy the Book” page at the website ( for links to download “sneak peek” chapters. The Preface and Chapter 1 are already available, and Chapter 2 will be posted on Saturday, September 23. Make sure you pre-order your copy of the book right away while you can still get the 30% discount! (Offer expires September 12, 2008).

And as long as you are browsing the web, check out my new movie version of “Risking Everything” (the poem I included in my last post) on YouTube.

I’ll post more about my experiences at Dream Teacher Training, which inspired the poem, in a few days.

Wishing you peace on the journey. . .


  1. HI Claire!

    I got my copy of your book today! I just wanted to tell you congratulations!

  2. Thanks Annie! I hope the book will be meaningful for you and I'd love to hear what you thought of it after you've read it.